Hand carved as a young person's project, this boat is inscribed faintly "Billy Steele 1941". Soft lines, a canoe shaped bow and the suggestion of a gaff rig demonstrate sensitivity for classic boat design. The personality of the boat and the maker come through as a beautiful display piece. This boat has a very tactile appeal as well, with a soft finish, a working rudder and removal mast. Unique. For display only.

"Billy" 1941 Handmade Pond Boat, Item 2020-14

  • Billy is 14" long, 3 1/4" wide with a 12 1/2" mast. The overall height including stand is 17". Handmade from a soft wood with natural warm color, the boat was never painted. Considered as a slightly primitive piece of folk, this boat has lots of personality and eye appeal. It is hard to part with it.