This racing sloop was hand made in the 1930s. The craftsmanship is sort of basic but the hull has the charm of a piece of folk art. The deck has been hand scribed with planking lines and the keel is rather roughly shaped. But the keel design includes a streamlined skeg for the rudder and a heavy lead weight. The hull was very over painted when the restoration was started. It was stripped to bare wood uncovering some of the original colors. Note: The worst color of paint to remove is dark green!

The restoration included adding a brass mast step and a brass traveler for the jib. The new sails are made of antique unbleached cotton.

“Fair Wind”, 30” loa White Sloop, Item 2019-3

  • The “Fair Wind” hull is 30” long, 7 ½” wide and 2 ½” deep. The depth from the deck to the longest part of the keel is 9”. The mast is 38” from the deck and the boom is 16 ¼” long. The overall height of the rigged boat, including stand, is 47 “. The white and green are the original color found under layers of paint. This boat has the look of a fierce competitor with the wind in its teeth.


    Note: This boat hull is at least 50 years old. Because of its age, I do not recommend placing it in the water for any length of time. I cannot accept returns for damage to hull or sails from water.