Handmade at the beginning of the 1900s, Gold Finch has a hollow hull painted yellow and a fine-grained wood deck. All the deck fittings are handmade of brass, as well are the keel and rudder. A heavy lead weight keeps this little boat float in a stiff breeze. "Gold Finch" was lovingly made for a child to sail.


Restoration included a set of cotton sails for the original boom, gaff boom and bowsprit. The deck has been cleaned and varnished. The original colors are preserved with a coat of satin varnish.


Gold Finch, 16" Gaff Sloop, Item 2022-04

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The hull is 16" in length; but the length overall (LOA) is 20" including the overhung boom and bowsprit. The mast is 16" off the deck and the main boom is 11 1/4" in length. The overall height including the stand is 24".

    Note: All sails are made of fine, natural colored (not bright white) cotton muslin. Stays and lines are new cotton cording, beige or black color. Sheets are ade from vintage fishing line. New fittings are brass reproductions of the original fittings.