Made by the Jacrim/Keystone Co. in the late 1930s, this small black sloop has seen a lot of use, but survived with good original hull paint including, gold cove stripes and bow scrolls.


The JACRIM decal on the deck is in good condition, making this a good collector's boat.  The bottom and keel have been repainted in original red color. All of the spars, rigging and sails are new. The stand includes a brass plaque. This boat is a good example classic pond boat design by the Seaworthy/Jacrim Co. of Boston.


JACRIM HOLLOWBOAT 20" Black and Red Sloop, Item #2022-01

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The hull measures 20" and the width is 4 1/2".  The mast is 24 1/2" high and the boom is 11" long. The overall height, including stand, is 33 1/2". The deck fittings have rusted but are preserved with poly-acrylic varnish.

    Note: All sails are made of a fine natural colored (not bright white) cotton muslin. Stays and lines are new cotton cording, beige or natural color. New fittings are brass reproductions of the original fittings. Rigging emulates the original Seaworthy rigging.