Katie has been reconstructed from a small 14" hand made hull from the early 20th century. It is very hard to find an old pond boat hull that was actually made to be a catboat. Though very weathered when found, the shape and mast hole confirmed her design. The process of restoration was very lengthy. Katie's top deck was loose and her paint was weathered off. But this tiny boat had a hollow hull, a lead keel and a meticulously carved classic catboat shape.

The new rudder was carved to match the shape of the stern and keelson. The shape of the tiller is bit whimsical but does function. The deckhouse and lights were also added to give personality to the small boat. The overhanging boom, mast and sail were designed with reference to existing catboats.

This boat is unique, handmade and full of personality. Katie would be perfect display boat for a small space.

"Katie" – 18" Catboat, Item 2021-02

  • Katy's full length including overhanging boom is 18". Her hull is 5 3/8" wide and her mast is 18 3/4" high. But her full display, including stand, is 29 1/2" high, 18" long, 6 3/4" wide. She is carved from solid wood, hollowed in the middle with deck piece inserted to cover the center of the hull.