This colorful sailboat was made in the late 1930s by the Keystone Toy Company of Boston after Chester Rimmer merged his Jacrim Company. The hull shape is the same as the earlier Jacrim boats, but made of solid pine rather than redwood. The printed deck design and logo on the sail became a signature of Keystone sailboats. When the Keystone Toy Company took over the making of the Jacrim designed boats the effects of mass production produced a less refined pond boat. The boats no longer had a hollow hull and were defined with a printed deck details and the Keystone name. This boat was made after 1938 and has been restored with the original bright colors and stenciled cotton sails. The hull still has the rounded shape of the Jacrim boats.

Keystone 21" Blue Sloop, Item 2020-12

  • This is sloop is 21" long and 4 1/2" wide, with the original 23" mast and spreader. The sails are reproductions from the remains of the original cotton sails. The metal wheel and rudder are a reproduction of the originals used by Keystone. The sail logo is a reproduction of the original logo used by Keystone. The overall height of the boat and stand is 32" The original bright blue color and red cove line were under thick added varnish. The keel was cream white.