Matilda is an early hand made pond boat with a hollow hull and some of her original paint. She has been restored with a simple gaff main sail and foresail which would be appropriate for a boat made in the early 1900s. The brass fitting for the mast is original. The rudder and tiller are reproductions. The elastic band keeps the tiller aligned. The tiller may have been attached to the boom as well, as a simple self-steering device. The loose jib sheet acts as a self-tacking adjustment. This was simple sailing for fun.


"Matilda" 18” Gaff Sloop, Item 2019-8

  • Matilda is 18”loa and 4 ½” wide. Her mast is 18” off the deck and her boom is 12” long. Her keel is 4” deep and weighted with lead. The overall height of the boat including stand is 26” and she is 21” wide including the overhung boom. The hull bears the marks of use and water stains from sailing.