Handmade in the early 1900s, this graceful classic is named MOJO for the clever reuse of a coffee can for a rudder. The well-shaped hollow hull has a deep, heavy keel to balance a large rig. MoJo has been refinished, repainted and rigged a gaff sloop. The mast step and other deck hardware are original brass.  The rear-facing tiller is held on center with an elastic band and a small swivel hook attached to the boom for a simple self-steering device. In pond sailing, the boats were set off in one direction across a small pond. On the other side they were caught by another person and turned around to sail back.

"MoJo" 36” LOA White Gaff Sloop, Item 2019-4

  • MoJo’s hull is 25” long and 8” wide. The overhang of the boom and extension of bowsprit make up the 36” LOA, length overall. The length from deck to bottom of keel is 9”. The mast is 25” high and the boom is 23” long. The overall height of the boat, including the stand and gaff boom extension, is 39”.

    Note: This boat hull is at least 100 years old. Because of its age, I do not recommend placing it in the water for any length of time. I cannot accept returns for damage to hull or sails from water.