Made for Schoenhut Toys in the late 1920s, the “MARS” was the smallest in a series of pond boats called the “Star Line” and named after the planets. This sturdy little boat still has the original rudder, tiller and spring that kept the boat on a weather helm. The deck varnish has been cleaned up but the original colors and name decal are intact. The Schoenhut pond boats were earlier than the Seaworthy/Jacrim but and were know for a unique brass tiller bar self-steering system.

Schoenhut Toys “MARS” 18” Pond Boat, item 2020-01

  • The MARS rig is restored with a 20” mast, 9” boom and natural cotton sails and rigging line.  The boat is 18” in length, 5” wide and 6 ½” from deck to bottom of keel. The overall height including stand is 28”.