The Sea Spray is the largest of the line of boats made by the JACRIM Company under the Seaworthy label. Carved from solid redwood and hollowed out for fast sailing, this hull carries a tall mast and Marconi sail. The deep keel and heavy lead weight ensured speed in a good wind. Made in the 1920s this hull is a bit weathered and has lost the maker decals on the deck and on the hull. Paint loss has been restored and the keel has been repainted. The rudder is a reproduction. With a display height of 60” ( 5 feet), this boat is dramatic in a large area.

Sea Spray, 35 ½” Seaworthy Pond Boat, Item 2019-6

  • The Sea Spray’s hull is 35 ½” long and 7 ½” wide with a deck to keel base of 14". The mast is 46” off the deck and made in two pieces with a brass coupler and a brass spreader. The boom is 21 ½” long and the overall height of the boat, including stand is 60”. The keel is very heavy and the hull weighs about 20 pounds.

    Note: This boat hull is at least 100 years old. Because of its age, I do not recommend placing it in the water for any length of time. I cannot accept returns for damage to hull or sails from water.