Advertised for sale in 1928 or earlier, the Seaworthy "Flying Yankee" spring motor powered pond yacht emulated the elegance and power of racing and pleasure speedboats of the wealthy. Chester Rimmer invented a spring motor design in the early 1920s and started his toy boat business with this iconic design. In the 1920s this open cockpit design was made from a solid piece of redwood. Later designs were made from 3 pieces of solid redwood carved with a streamlined, water piercing lines. Rimmer produced several hull lengths from 18" to 28" loa. The spring motor was mounted in the center of the cockpit and looked like a pencil sharpener with a crank that tightened the spring with a series of gears and a clutch.

Seaworthy "Flying Yankee" Speed Boat Item 2021-05

$325.00 Regular Price
$275.00Sale Price
  • This Model 68 FLYING YANKEE has been refinished and the bottom repainted. The brass rails have been replaced to match nail holes on the hull and the back cockpit guard is a replacement. The flag is a reproduction. The engine works very well but is missing the clutch lever that stops the turning. Length: 18", 21" including rudder, width: 5", depth of hull: 2 3/4", 5" including rudder shield.