A classic Seaworthy Hollow Hull from the early 1930s, at 20" this was a popular size for pond sailing. I have come across two named models for this size; the North Star, Model 150 and the Old Tom, Model 152. However this boat's name did not survive. When found, the hull was heavily over painted, but the deck decals had survived. Removing the paint for hopeful restoration revealed unrepairable staining on the wood. As a result, the hull was restored with white topsides.

Seaworthy/Jacrim 20" White Sloop, item 2020-08

  • The boat is 20"in length, 5" wide and the mast is 24" from the deck. The overall height including the stand is 34". The restoration includes natural cotton sails and rigging typical of the Seaworthy boats.