The only schooner made by the Seaworthy/Jacrim Co. of Boston, this model came out in the mid 1930's. Some boats are labeled on the keel as the PUP Model 142. Some have no name or label. The hull is solid redwood with a small recessed cockpit. The cockpit is behind a large cabin with decal windows. The Seaworthy decal is on the top of the cabin. On the fore deck is small window hatch.

Before restoration this boat had lots of wear and paint loss on the hull and keel. It has been repainted in white and red (not original). The deck has been refinished but the cabin and forward window hatch are original. One side of the cockpit has been replaced. The sails and masts have been replaced following original measurements.

SEAWORTHY 24" Schooner, White and Red, Item 2022-02

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The schooner is 26" loa, including the overhanging main boom and 5" wide. The first mast is 17" off the deck; the second mast is 23" off the top of the deck house with an 11" boom. Over all the boat is 34" high including the stand.

    Note: All sails are made of a fine natural colored (not bright white) cotton muslin. Stays and lines are new cotton cording, beige or natural color. New fittings are brass reproductions of the original fittings. Rigging emulates the original Seaworthy rigging.