At 12" in length, the "Gosling " is the smallest of the Seaworthy line of boats. With a solid hull and one sail, this is a delightful "small boat". This particular model has a cockpit carved into the hull, with steel edging. The Seaworthy label placed in the bottom of the cockpit. The original oval label was missing from the keel. I have replaced the label with a reproduction. The deck, topsides and keel are original. I have added a coat of varnish. Made in the early 1930s, this is an unusual and rare version of one of my favorite Seaworthy hulls.

Seaworthy "Gosling" Model 134 Item 2021-09

  • The "Gosling" is made of solid redwood 12" in length, 4 1/2" wide and5" deep from deck to base of keel.. The mast is 13 1/2" off the deck and the boom is 9" long. The overall height including stand is 20". The sail is made of antique cotton muslin.