The sleek black hull of the Pirate is nearly 24 inches (23 1/2") and the added details of the deckhouse (reproduction) and deck hatch (original) make it a true model of a classic era yacht. This boat has the typical Seaworthy square rudder and tiller. The tiller is rigged with a spring to restrict the weather helm. This boat is labeled Guaranteed to Sail, Chester Rimmer, Naval Architect and was made in the md 1930s. Seaworthy made an earlier version of the Pirate that was only 18" loa. This boat was popular in its time and is now highly collectible because of its classic detail.


Seaworthy/Jacrim "Pirate" Model 149, Item 2020-11

  • The Pirate hull is 23 1/2" long and 5" wide; the mast is 31 1/2" off the deck. The overal height of the boat including the stand is 42 1/2". The black hull paint is original and has been slightly retouched and protect with a poly-acrylic varnish. The gold cove line and flourish is original. The waterline - keel have been repainted but the original model number on the keel has been preserved.