This sleek hull design is unique in the roster of boats designed by Chester Rimmer. The streamlined cabin flows into the deck and is defined by a cockpit aft carved out of the hull. The foredeck is applied so that part of the hull is also hollowed out. Made in the 1930s by Jacrim Company, the Seaworthy or Jacrim label was placed on the cockpit floor.

Seaworthy/Jacrim “STAR” 18” Pond Boat

  • This boat has been restored with some paint retouching and new varnish on the deck. The cabin window decals are original, as is the cove strip decoration. The STAR has a 23” mast, 10” boom and natural cotton sails and rigging. The spring on the tiller creates a weather helm that can be self-steering if attached to the boom or main sheet. The boat is 18” long and 4 ½” wide. The overall height including the stand is 32”.