The Tillicum Toy Company was founded in 1926 in Tacoma, Washington making a variety of toys and sailboats. The solid hull shape was distinctive, as was the recessed cockpit and label. In the early 1930s, the company was acquired by the Milton Bradley Company of New York. This boat has a label reading "Tillicum, a Milton Bradley Product."

At some time, this boat was fitted with a Fisher type mast step. In restoration, I have added mast and foot to fit this mast step. I also added a Fisher goose neck to attach the boom. The flat boom is a reconstruction based on a piece of the original boom. The black hull paint is original. The metal keel has been repaint to match original red.

Tillicum 24" Black Sloop Item 2021-07

  • The hull is 24" long, 4 1/4" wide and 38" high including the stand. The mast is 30" off the deck and the boom is 12 1/2" in length. The boat has original brass rails and a sunken cockpit with label in excellent condition.