Vesper's hull is small (11"), delicate, and light; carved and hollowed out by hand. The deck is tightly inset flush to the topsides. The keel is heavy brass with an attached rudder. Unpainted originally, I have varnished the wood and cleaned up the brass keeping the soft color of the wood. In restoring the rigging, I chose a Marconi sail with a bowsprit and overhung mast. Despite the small scale, all rigging is removable and adjustable. Vesper was likely made in the 1940s but there is no indication that she was actually sailed in the water.


"Vesper" Small Hand Carved Sloop, Item 2021-16

  • Vesper's overall length (loa) is 14". The hull is 3 1/4" wide and the overall height including the stand is 19 1/2".