Made in the 1940-1950s from light-weight mahogany plywood, this slim boat has lines similar to a Laser. Meant for free sailing, the light hollow hull has a substantial metal and lead keel and a paddle rudder. The rudder has been rigged with a simple self-steering tiller. In comparison to older boats, Zephyr is very light, delicate and very pretty.

Zephyr would be a perfect display boat for a small space

"Zephyr" – 22" Mahogany Kit Boat, Item 2021-03

  • Zephyr's hull measures 18 1/2" in length, 5 3/8" wide; but the rudder extension brings the length to 22". The mast is 18 3/4" high. The overall height including the stand is 29 1/2" x 6 3/4" wide. All rigging, including mast and boom are restorations.