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Small pond boats brought pleasure to sailors young and old during the early 20th century. Each of my small boats is carefully restored for display or a sail in a pond. On this site you will have an opportunity to purchase from a collection of these rare antiques. If you see anything that interests you, get in touch and we can send you more information or more photos.

I look for neglected pond boat hulls from the 1900s through the 1940s and then restore them to the graceful vessels that they once were. Every effort is made to retain the original parts of the boat. But usually I start with just the hull and recreate the spars, rigging and sails using an extensive library of reference photos and books. The collection includes boats made in Boston by the Jacrim and Keystone companies. Recently, I have restored pond boats manufactured and distributed by the Schoenhut Toy Company in the 1930's. The unique handmade boats like the boat at the left are collector's favorites.

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